The Ultimate Guide to Betting Sites Which Accept £5 Bets

You can enjoy a wide range of betting sites which accept £5 deposits and bets. In fact, we have a detailed list below of the very best in a series of key performance categories in the table below. Sign-up with one of these reputable brands today and receive a welcome boost into your account. But before you do that, be sure to analyse this guide on how to safely and successfully bet with the specific wager amount of £5. Our team of industry experts have gathered the most relevant data for punters that will assist you on this cause. Read on for the full report!

The TOP 5 £5 Betting Sites
betvictor Total Rating: 5.0/5
The BetVictor application on various platforms
STRENGTHS: The site with massive football odds Use the live arena for your bonus
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Excellent mobile interface

The best thing about our review is that it is a matter of fact, and to the point. We don’t flood you with endless unnecessary information. Making £5 bets is a fundamental aspect of the online sportsbook experience for the majority of punters. If you’re not into betting with this relatively small wager amount, then you’re probably creeping into high-roller territory.

£5 Betting Sites Comparison

The most important aspect when thinking about £5 betting sites is the deposit limits. It is all well and good being able to place bets of £5 (every single sportsbook allows you to do this), but are we able to make the deposits of £5 allowing us minimum resource expenditure on the sportsbook. The times you wait for your money are relatively consistent no matter how much the amount is. The quickest bookies tend to get the money to you in just under 48 hours, which considering how many transactions they are processing each day, is very impressive. When betting on £1 betting sites, you’ll mostly be faced with the option of a £5 deposit.

Comparison of the £5 Bookmakers
Bookmaker Minimum Bet Per Line Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Time Fees
£0.10 £5.00 1 – 5 days 0%
£0.01 £5.00 2 – 5 days 0%
£0.10 £5.00 2 – 5 days 0%
£0.03 £5.00 2 – 5 days 0%
£0.05 £5.00 1 – 5 days 0%

There are of course many statistics that you can utilise when judging the quality of a betting site. From the odds levels, to the welcome bonuses offered, bookmakers come up with endless ways to attract new players. Each of the five we’ve selected perform fantastically well across a host of different disciplines, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t yet got around to do so.


Bonus details £30

This is one of the sportsbooks that certainly falls into the category of classic/barebones bookmaking, to see exactly what we mean by that, check out the full BetVictor sportsbook review. If you’re still wondering what we are implying with this statement, then you only need to quickly visit the site following the link. The high odds levels combined with a well refined and curated market selection make this truly a punters dream.


Bonus details £20

One of the biggest brands in UK bookmaking, the Coral sportsbook is a fascinating place to bet on a wide variety of different sports markets. From the coveted horse racing hub, to fantastic odds enhancement offers for new customers, Coral truly represents the classic side of barebones bookmaking. They have a fantastic offering of live and mobile betting features that can be easily accessed via the link to the right.

Paddy Power

Bonus up to £20

When it comes to Paddy Power, there are a number of reasons why the brand excels so well across the board. Firstly, they have one of the most unorthodox marketing strategies from any bookmaker that we have reviewed on this site. There are a number of bookies that engage heavily with their audiences on social media, but none quite push the boat out like the Irish bookmaking giant. To understand more about them, head on over to our dedicated Paddy Power sportsbook review.

Safe Deposit Options

Betting with the safety that sportsbooks provide these days is usually taken for granted. We rarely stop to consider what could happen if a malicious actor were to gain access to our account, or our favourite bookie is hacked, and vast quantities of sensitive and private data is dumped onto the internet for the whole world to see. But these are modern times, and even though the OPSEC of all major sportsbook brands is virtually bulletproof, there is always a possibility.

For these reasons, it is always advised to use e-wallets rather than submitting your card details to a sportsbook. You have less exposure in this protocol and can feel safe in the knowledge that betting sites with £5 deposit possible via e-wallet will safely and securely process your transaction.

When to Place a £5 Bet

It isn’t that hard to find betting sites min £5 deposit, in fact, all the bookies we have outlined for you on this guide page comply with this threshold. The majority of them even offer multiple different avenues for you to bet this low amount. So, whether it’s an easy weekend accumulator, or a bet that takes in multiple selections and constructs them in a complex range of system bets – betting with £5 couldn’t be easier. If you do decide to venture further afield and look closer at the bookies outside our recommended top 5, you may run into issues with the minimum deposit being just £10. This can, of course, be easily circumvented by depositing £15, bet with £5 and if you lose withdraw the £10. Just head to the top of the page to see the best betting sites with min. deposit of £5.

The Middle Range Stake Amount All Punters Love

Many punters define themselves by their average stake amount. Bookmakers certainly do, just look at the tailored loyalty bonuses offered, they are always a reflection of your recent betting activity and the amount being offered is usually your average bet. But betting sites which accept £5 being the base level of a major population of online sports betting enthusiasts these days, I think it is fair to say that this might be the most popular amount for people to bet on sports.

If you enjoyed the knowledge dropped across this guide page, head on back to our homepage and you’ll find the complete rundown of all our favourite sportsbooks currently available to UK punters, plus links to many more insightful reviews of the betting industry.