Bundesliga Betting: All the Useful Information

Featuring stars like Robert Lewandowski, Marco Reus and Jadon Sancho, and despite the overwhelming domination of Bayern, it is a league followed by millions of fans. For those who love watching this division, a page dedicated to Bundesliga betting will be an invaluable resource. In the following paragraphs you will find information on the best bookmakers and the criteria with which we have selected them. We’ll also provide interesting news on markets, live betting and a series of statistics on teams and individual players.

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Betting on Bundesliga Football: The Best Operators

We are going to get straight to the heart of the matter here, since you are on a site that is dedicated to reviewing the best online betting sites, you must be curious as to who the top 5 bookmakers Bundesliga-wide are. The answer is very simple and we have listed them in the table below. By consulting and following our advice you will find online bookmakers with the strongest odds for German league markets, as well as the highest quality in-play offering in terms of the platform, markets and streaming. We also considered who has the top welcome bonus for new bettors, dedictated bundesliga betting offers, and who can serve the increasing demands of the online sports gambler. At this point, you may wonder why we have chosen precisely these five bookies, in the following sections we will delve deeper into the criteria that define high-quality Bundesliga sportsbooks.

The top 5 Bundesliga sportsbooks
Players during a football match and the logo of the Bundesliga
5.0 out of 5.0 stars £10 Play Now!
4.5 out of 5.0 stars £50 Play Now!
4.5 out of 5.0 stars £100 Play Now!
4.0 out of 5.0 stars £20 Play Now!
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The Criteria for Choosing a High-quality Bundesliga Sportsbook

The German championship is one of the most important in Europe, it is currently placed fourth in the UEFA ranking, just after the Serie A. The best Bundesliga betting sites will be those that offer the best balance between a whole series of parameters. Have a look below for a detailed breakdown of the most important factors in determining a quality betting experience.

If they excel in only one of the categories it may not be enough to conquer our top 5: the top is reached when you can combine advantageous payouts with the presence of periodic promotions, accompanied by a well-structured live betting arena with a large number of markets to wager on.

The Differing Payout Rates and the Importance for the Punter

The basic assumption concerning payouts is that the higher they are, the bigger our potential gain will be if the bet is a winner. This is true, but what exactly determines how much is offered by a bookmaker for a potential payout. We explain it in detail in a payout section of our main page, along with how to calculate it. In order to save you time, we have carried out all the calculations and can therefore present you, in the table below, the minimum and maximum values for the Bundesliga bookmakers we have chosen.

Best Bundesliga Betting Offers

Promotions can at times come with some pleasant surprises for the player. It is not so uncommon when a big game is on for various bookies to offer periodic promotions specifically designed for the Budesliga. Even so, it must be said that the majority of Bundesliga betting offers you see at our top selected sites are valid for games throughout the world. Visit our betting bonuses page for a complete breakdown of what sportsbooks can offer you in this day and age.

Live Betting and Streaming

A prestigious championship like the German one will always be in the live schedule of most online bookmakers operating in the UK. As a result, the difference between one bookmaker and another with regard to betting on Bundesliga is found in the details. Things suchs as updated sets of statistics, the presence of a livescore to follow the games with captivating graphics, and a live streaming video are all important. To find out everything about real-time betting, features, odds and markets, look at our live theme page.

Number of Markets Available

Do you need a hundred different types of bets to play on? This is roughly the number of markets available for Bundesliga betting, when averaging the markets offered by the various online operators. A decent number and one that allows you to bet on a huge range of outcomes that could occur in the match. Nowadays the modern punter certainly prefers smartphones and tablets for their bets, it is important that the amount of markets do not change when moving from the desktop version to the mobile version. To learn all the secrets of mobile apps, see our page specifically dedicated to betting apps.

The Type of Bundesliga Bets

So far, we have been working on the Bundesliga betting sites, defining those most specifically suited to the German league and explaining the criteria that determined our choice. Now it’s time to discover some of the most popular types of bets with a particular focus on Germany. We will also provide some specific statistics on the Bundesliga. We will divide the bets between the antepost ones and those on a single match. That’s where we are going to begin.

Bet on Single Games

Let’s start with Bundesliga betting on a single match. These type of bets are the most popular and both experienced and casual bettor take advantage of them. In the following paragraphs you will find the most well known and popular ones. Nevertheless, we cannot make an exhaustive list of all of them, but it is more than likely that the bet that you will make if you play will be one of these. To learn more about how they work, visit our page dedicated to the types of bets on football.

A Bundesliga player kicking the ball with the LV BET logo
The Best Bundesliga Bookie

Over 70 in-play marketsSuperb live/pre-match betting options

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Full-time Result (1X2) Betting and Stats

Trying to guess the final result of a match is both the most popular and fascinating way to bet. To understand how Bundesliga teams behave on average, let’s take a look at the element below, which shows us how teams performed in the 2017/18 season. This takes into account the percentage of teams winning based on being home or away and can serve as a good indicator when venturing into this market.

Victory home team

In the 2017/18 season the “1” outcome occurred 139 times, equal to 45.42% of the total results.


The draw occurred 83 times, equal to 27.12% of the total results, in the 2017/18 season of the Bundesliga.

Away team victory

The external victory, in the 2017/18 season of the Bundesliga, occurred 84 times, 27.45% of the total.

Both teams to score betting and stats

The statistics on the Bundesliga, at least those for the 2017/18 season, tell us that the German championship is one in which both teams score many goals. The occurrence of both teams scoring was a lot more common than you’d expect and, as you can see from the graph prepared by our technicians on the left, means you expect it to happen more often than not. For those who bet purely on the numbers, this is the opposite trend to what happens in leagues such as La Liga.

Over/Under betting and stats

Very much consistent with the previous bet, the Bundesliga has a trend of high-scoring matches. There is a slight prevalence of the over 2.5 goals outcome, and for this reason, we’d say it should be a very popular and sure way to maximize profits when betting on Bundesliga matches. Clearly, the defences in this league aren’t up to the standards set elsewhere, and teams play with a mentality that is far more dedicated to attack.

Outright Betting on the Bundesliga

Winners, relegated, top scorers. These are, basically, the most popular antepost bets. These are overall results, relating to the end of the Bundesliga and not related to a single day of the championship. We will examine some statistics related to the main and most popular betting markets of this antepost type. Have a look below at the following sections to learn more about the most popular pre-season wagers.

League Winner Bets

Bayern Munich celebrating winning the Bundesliga The most classic of the bets on the Bundesliga antepost is to guess who will win the title – the official name being ‘Meisterschale’. The Germans jokingly call Salatschüssel, in English “the salad bowl”, for the aesthetic similarity of the trophy to that bowl. Considering the overwhelming domination of Bayern Munich in recent years, opting for the them will pay significantly less than if you choose an outsider like Schalke 04. The Bavarians won their 27th title in the 2017/18 season.

League Winner Without the Champion Bets

An image of the Schale FC badge Since the fight for the title is over after just the first three months of the championship, it is much more interesting trying to guess who will place second. The inevitable dominance of the Bavarians makes this a much more interesting prospect. In the 2017/18 season, the fantastic performance of Schalke 04 was the revelation team of the year, and they finished second, albeit still at a big distance from Bayern but with an eight-point advantage over the three placed below, being Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Hoffenheim.

Relegation Bets

An image of the Hamburg FC badge Those who choose this kind of bet show a certain cynicism and hope certain ones will “fail”, predicting their bitter descent into the Zweite Bundesliga. In the 2017/18 season, the Germans witnessed the debacle of two historic clubs, Cologne and Hamburg, both of whom were directly relegated to the second division. For the Hanseatic it was the first time in the club’s glorious history. The last placed teams are called “teams with red lanterns”, a weird German homage that has something to do with trains.

Top Scorer Bets

A headshot of Robert Lewandowski Who will be the best striker in the Bundesliga? Choosing the king of goals of the German championship has proved to be a choice limited to two teams in recent years. The ubiquitous Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, have provided the winner for this trophy over the past years. The top scorer of the 2017/18 season was the Polish centre forward, Robert Lewandowski, scorer of 29 goals, 6 of which came from the penalty spot. He is someone always at the top of this list. Very far behind him, with only 15 goals, was Petersen of Freiburg, just demonstrating the gap in class.

All You Need to Know About the League

The Bundesliga info
The Bundesliga headquarters
Name Bundesliga
Headquarters Frankfurt am Main
Year of foundatio 1963
Sponsor Derbystar, Sky, TAG, Typical
Website www.bundesliga.com
Number of teams 18
Champions League places 4
Europa League places 3
Relegated teams 2 + 1 playoff

The Bundesliga is one of the youngest leagues in Europe and has only existed since 1963. This was a result of the previous year’s meeting of representatives of the major clubs of Western Germany in Dortmund, in the Westfallenhalle, to create a single championship that would also include the transition to professional athletes. Previously, the title of German Champion was awarded through different formulas and regional groups, which then provided for the finals between the winners of the respective groups. With the reunification of 1990, only a few teams from the former East Germany had the ability, and funding, to establish themselves in the Bundesliga. Nowadays, only RB Leipzig belongs geographically to the former GDR, and is a team that was only recently created. The other remaining GDR teams play in the smaller and even regional leagues. The top league is currently made up of 18 clubs, and matches take place between the months of August and May, in a round-robin format. There are three relegation places, two of which are immediate (last and penultimate in the standings) and one deriving from the winning play-off between the third of the Zweite Bundesliga and third last place. The winner of the competition wins the Meisterschale, a sort of salad bowl and the team’s name is engraved on it. It weighs 11 kg and was recently redesigned to accommodate the name of the winning teams until 2026.

In the table opposite we have prepared a small summary of what has been said so far. The Meisterschale winner and teams up to fourth place are eligible for the Champions League, while fifth and sixth in the standings, together with the winner of the German Cup, are eligible for participation in the Europa League. The transfer market takes place in the two parts, summer and winter, ending on the first day of the season, and the last day of January respectively.

The official channel of the Bundesliga

All the Info on Teams of the Bundesliga

It is very easy to find data and statistics relating to the Bundesliga, moreover, it is one of the most important championships in Europe, and this proves very convenient for the bettor. You can use this to your advantage and play with some awareness. Of course, the more information you have the better: in the next sections we will discuss some of the most interesting team statistics, and records about the German league.

The Teams with the Most Titles

Perhaps it would be more correct to speak of a single winning team, in regards to this category, given that the dominance of Bayern Munich is even overwhelming. The team has won a ginormous 27 titles and almost nothing suggests that the trend will change in the coming years. In the shadow of the Bavarians there are two, Borussia Dortmund and Mönchengladbach, with 5 wins, followed by other famous teams such as Werder Bremen, Stuttgart and Cologne.

Teams that have won the most Bundesliga titles
Team Badge Number Won Stadium Foundation
Bayern Munich 27 Allianz Arena 1900
Borussia Dortmund 5 Westfalenstadion 1909
Borussia M’gladbach 5 Borussia Park 1900
Werder Bremen 4 Weser Stadion 1899
Hamburg 3 Volksparkstadion 1887
Stuttgart 3 Mercedes Benz Arena 1893
Kaiserslautern 2 Fritz-Walter-Stadion 1900
Cologne 2 RheinEnergieStadion 1948
1860 Munich 1 Grünwalder Stadion 1860
Wolfsburg 1 Volkswagen Arena 1945

Who are the Most Supported Teams?

As you may have expected the team that tops the list in this category is the Bavarian outfit. The team that also commands a huge following throughout Germany is Borussia Dortmund. The gap between the first and second spot is not huge and goes to show that German football remains a diverse and well supported entity. The team in the third position of this contest is the town with the historic square and beautiful cathedral, Cologne.

A graph depicting the support of Bundesliga teams

Team Records

Lovers of Bundesliga statistics and football facts in general can lick their lips. In the next 5 blue boxes, you will find many records and numbers concerning the teams of the Bundesliga. We will talk about unbeatable teams, consecutive victories, teams with an offensive mentality, with all the data updated to the season 2017/18.

  • Bayern Munich shirt
    Team with the most consecutive wins

    In the 2013/14 season, Bayern Munich obtained an amazing trail of consecutive victories, putting 19 wins together from week 9 through to week 27 of the season.

  • Hamburg shirt
    Team with the most seasons in the league

    From the 2018/19 season there will not be any team to have participated in all the Bundesliga seasons, not even Bayern. Hamburg, who were the holder of this record, were in fact relegated in the 2017/18 season.

  • Bayern Munich shirt
    Team with the longest unbeaten streak in the league

    By no surprise it’s Bayern who hold this title. They went 29 straight games without losing during the formidable season of 2013/14.

  • Schalke shirt
    Team with the highest number of yellow/red cards in a season

    Schalke 04 have the award for foul-play in a season. They managed to rack up a total tally of 530 for a total of 71 yellow cards in the 2017/18 season.

  • Bayern Munich shirt
    Team with the most crosses in a season

    The number of crosses is an excellent indicator of the offensive mentality of a team. In the 2017/18 season, Bayern Munich was the team that made more crosses, more than 529.

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The Best Players in the League History: The Past and Present

So far we have talked about the teams, but now it is time to talk about the heroes of the fans, the great protagonists of football matches, the players. Coming up, we will tell you about the best players of the past and present in the German league, presenting individual records and statistics. These could also prove to be useful for you to have more data for your betting on Bundesliga football.

Top Scorers of the Past 5 Seasons

The title of top scorer of the championship is the ultimate goal for a striker, and lthough it is true that the Bundesliga is not a league with stout defences, winning it is in any case a huge achievement and a mark of respect. In the table below you can find the gold book of the best strikers throughout the last five years of the Bundesliga. It is dominated by the fantastic champion Robert Lewandowski, one of the strongest centre forwards in the world in recent years.

Top Bundesliga scorers of the past 5 years
Season 1st 2nd 3rd
2017/2018 Lewandowski R. (Bayern Munich), 29 Petersen N. (SC Freiburg), 15 Uth M. (TSG Hoffenheim), 14
2016/2017 Aubameyang P. (Dortmund), 31 Lewandowski R. (Bayern Munich), 30 Modeste M. (Cologne), 25
2015/2016 Lewandowski R. (Bayern Munich), 30 Aubameyang P. (Dortmund), 25 Tomas Mueller (Bayern Munich), 20
2014/2015 Alexander Meier (Eintrach Frankfurt), 19 Robben A. (Bayern Munich), 17 Lewandowski R. (Bayern Munich), 17
2013/2014 Lewandowski R. (Dortmund), 17 Mario Mandzukic (Bayern Munich), 18 Josip Drmic (Nuremburg), 17

Stars of the Bundesliga

Many champions pass or have passed through the Bundesliga, in the course of their career, because it is a championship much loved by footballers. It is fun and played with a much more relaxed atmosphere than other leagues of Europe. The players you can find in the 5 boxes below are, in our opinion, 5 of the top stars that currently make German fans’ dreams come true.

  • Robert Lewandowski headshot
    The 21st century Van Basten

    A very strong Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski has been prolific in domestic and international football for many years.

  • Joshua Kimmich headshot
    The future of German football

    Joshua Kimmich is a young prodigy from the Bayern Munich academy. He is often deployed on the right-side for Bayern and is a versatile player capable of playing defensive and attacking positions.

  • Marco Reus headshot
    A talent plagued by injuries

    One of the stars of Dortmund, Marco Reus is a player of fantastic technique, speed and skill.

  • Naldo headshot
    A defender with a bad habit

    Naldo has been a rock at the back for Schalke 04 in recent years. Often getting forward for set-plays and occasionally getting on the scoresheet.

  • Ante Rebic headshot
    A very unselfish centre forward

    Ante Rebic is a team player that has helped Eintrach Frankfurt convert many chances in and around the penalty area.

Bundesliga Legends

But who are the players that have left their mark on this championsip and can be considered legends? You can find them in the table below, these are names that even English fans have in some cases been able to admire on our pitches – as in the case of Podolski – and that have distinguished themselves for the number of seasons spent in the Bundesliga or for the titles won in their career.

The legends of the Bundesliga of the last 20 years
Player Seasons Appearances Championships Goals
Claudio Pizarro 19 466 6 192
Mario Gomez 14 299 3 164
Lukas Podolski 8 210 1 70
Philipp Lahm 15 385 8 14
Young Elber 10 260 4 133

Individual Player Records

Do you want to meet a goalscoring goalkeeper and discover who the player with the most appearances is? Or are you interested in knowing the top Bundesliga scorer ever? These are all facts that you will find in the five boxes that our developers have prepared below. They tell just some of the most important records, at the individual level, as regards the Bundesliga.

  • Karl Heinz-Korbel headshot
    Player with most appearances

    With 602 appearances between 1972 and 1991, Karl-Heinz Körbel, former defender of Eintracht Frankfurt, is the Bundesliga recordman.

  • Gerd Muller headshot
    The top goalscorer of German football

    Considered the biggest German center forward ever, Gerd Müller scored 365 goals in the Bundesliga.

  • Basti Schweinsteiger headshot
    A winning player

    Historical figure and legend of Bayern, “Basti” Schweinsteiger won 8 career titles, shared record with Lahm, Kahn, Ribery and Scholl.

  • Claudio Pizarro headshot
    The highest foreign score

    With 192 goals scored, Claudio Pizarro is the non-German player with more goals scored in the Bundesliga.

  • Jorg Butt headshot
    A goalkeeper who scores them

    Jörg Butt was a great goalkeeper and impeccable rigorist: in his career, he scored 26 goals from the penalty spot.

History of the Bundesliga and Betting

As we said in the previous paragraphs, the Bundesliga as we know it today was only created in 1963, following the controversy over the state of German football that arose after the resounding elimination of the national team during the World Cup in Chile the previous year. The directors of many clubs met in Dortmund and established the formula of the championship, introducing professional teams, a status that German footballers did not enjoy until then. We must also remember that until 1990, Germany was divided into two, and the GDR had its own championship, the Oberliga, in which the most successful team was Dynamo Berlin, now playing in the minor leagues.

As you can see in the image below, the relationship between the Bundesliga and sports betting also dates back to just over 50 years ago, and reunification has resulted in a rather ambiguous status, at the legislative level with regard to sports betting. Today, however, it is possible to place bets in physical agencies as well as online.

An image depicting the history of the bundesliga in written text boxes

Discover the Best Bookies for the Bundesliga

Betting on the Bundesliga: How does it Work?

If you are going to try to bet on the Bundesliga, we can try to suggest you some “strategic” advice to do it in a good way. First of all, we believe that the statistics we have provided in the previous sections can help you to get to know more players and teams.

The German championship, in recent years, has always been won by one team. A much more intriguing market has been the battle for the positions of the European cups, or the brawl for escaping relegation. This could be something to take into account when looking at ante-post markets. Additionally, in the past German football was a very physical and gritty game, however the influence of foreign coaches from Ancelotti to Pep Guardiola, as well at the national level by Klinsmann and Löw, has led to a significant increase in the tactical aspect of the game. This attitude, removed a certain gung-ho attitude from the teams and has, according to many critics, led to excessive defensiveness compared to the past. Be careful then, if you are a big fan of the Both Teams to Score and Under/Over bets.

Bundesliga and Bookmakers Sponsorship

In recent years it has been common for more and more companies to be associated with famous online bookmakers and have them on the official jersey, and even the Bundesliga has not been exempt from this phenomenon. The bwin site, for example, has long been linked to Bayern Munich. Recently, however, this phenomenon has been declining, and the number of clubs in the first German division commercially linked to betting partners has declined. However, the situation as of the 2018/19 season is shown in the table below.

Bundesliga teams and their betting partners
Augsburg RB Leipzig
Hertha Berlin Bayer Leverkusen
Werder Bremen Mainz 05
Borussia Dortmund Borussia Mönchengladbach
Fortuna Düsseldorf Bayern Munich
Eintracht Frankfurt Nuremberg
Freiburg Schalke 04
Hannover 96 Stuttgart
Hoffenheim Wolfsburg

Which Bookies Should You Avoid?

Among the operators that we have recommended for your betting on Bundesliga are those with good connections to the German market. This is no coincidence, their focus on a championship on which they are inevitably more invested in translates into a greater number of markets for you to play on. We recommend that you trust our judgment, choosing bookmakers who know the subject well and don’t get enticed by any dodging offerings.

Facts and Anecdotes about Betting on Bundesliga

If you are still not satisfied with numbers and statistics we have already provided, we have decided to give you some more. In the three boxes below, many goodies relating to the relationship between football and the German championship are shown. These anecdotes will eloquently conclude our discussion dedicated to Bundesliga betting.

  • Bundesliga logo
    The turnover for betting on the Bundesliga in the UK

    Compared to other foreign leagues, the Bundesliga has a lower volume of bets than you might think. In 2017/18, in the UK, at total of £135,410,187.07 worth of bets were collected on the German championship, 2.9% of the total.

  • Hamburg stadium
    The survival of Hamburg

    Until the 2017/18 season Hamburg was the only top division team not to be relegated from the Bundesliga, unfortunately they slipped down into Bundesliga 2 for the first time.

  • Jurgen Klopp headshot
    The bet between Klopp and Lewandowski

    A daily bet in training with his manager, Lewandowski had to place £50 in a pot with Klopp to see who would score more goals!

Luca Toni smiling

In the Bundesliga you often train in front of children and families. The game then is a party. From the tactical point of view, however, I did not notice big differences.


Do the bookmakers you mentioned also allow betting on the Zweite Bundesliga?

Definitely, yeah. The bookies we have selected allow you to place bets on the second German division and, in some cases, also on the lower leagues.

I chose a bookie to play in Premier League, should I open another account for the Bundesliga?

If you have already read some of our pages, you know that each bookmaker has its own specialities. The advice we give is to have multiple accounts from different operators, so you can use each bookie depending on the league on which you want to have a punt on.

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