Brand New Betting Sites 2019 – The Overview of UK Bookmakers

With the betting industry showing growth upon growth each and every year, more and more new bookmakers are springing up and getting into the action. Introducing different and innovative ways of betting, we believe that these original betting sites have what it takes to disrupt the old guard and change the face of bookmaking. Please take a look at the table below for the freshest bookmakers we think have what it takes to be huge in the next few years.

The UK’s TOP 6 New Betting Sites
The UK’s TOP 6 Casino Sites
MoPlay Total Rating: 5/5
Football and cricket being played in a stadium
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More Than 50+ Sports: Incl. Football, Basketball, Horse Racing, Handball, Greyhound Racing, Rugby and more
Unique Features: More than 2,000 different betting options, live streaming, obscure sports
New Bookmaker Welcome Offer Streaming & Mobile Betting Options Sports Visit Bookmaker
FansBet 5% Cashback Up To £20
No – Yes
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Mansion 50% Deposit Bonus Up to £50
No – Yes
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LV BET £100 Bonus £50 Bonus
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Royal Panda 100% Deposit Bonus Up to £20
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Our complete and thorough overview of the best new betting sites in 2019 will guide you through absolutely everything you need to know about these operators. We will show you the different types of payment methods offered, the betting types available, the new markets being introduced, their huge price boosts and bonuses being offered, and the social media platforms they use. Please read on now to learn all about the best new sites available today.

How To Distinguish Good New Bookmakers From Old Ones

There are some very simple tests for being able to tell the difference between contemporary bookmakers and old ones. The first is their presence: while it is common to see adverts for bookmakers such as Betfair on television, these new sites don’t have such strong advertorial heft. Additionally, while old bookmakers can be stuck in their ways, these fresh betting sites innovate with their features, including bigger bonuses, better odds and more flexible methods of payment. We will cover these in our review.

  • Odds Levels

    New bookies jack up their odds prices in order to entice you to have a punt. This is a great thing to look out for, the difference in two to three percentage points offering great value over time. Another important part of expanded odds levels is the price boost; with first time customers especially being given massive odds in order to have a first time bet.

  • In-play and live streaming

    In-play is where new betting sites are really finding their edge; offering a variety of offers and money-back specials for bets made during an event itself. With the live streaming service it might be a little unfair to expect them to have exactly the same wide selection as the old guard, but you should be able to expect a decent amount of sports to watch live.

  • markets and betting types

    When it comes to the betting markets available at new online bookmakers, you can expect to see many more niche markets served. As a result, small markets such as trotting, Swimrun, e-sports and MMA fighting are being covered more and more. What is really great with these sites is you don’t have to limit yourself to one, finding the exact market for you from a wide variety of options.

  • Mobile App

    These days you can expect the vast majority of new betting sites to provide you with the ability to place bets on your phone. Not only do these sites provide you with tablet and mobile betting, but some are even more tailored towards a mobile betting approach, with specific layouts and mobile promotions. To get the full run down on mobile betting, check out our main mobile page.

  • Bonuses Offered

    New sportsbooks have to be highly creative in order to entice punters away from what they know. One of the best ways to do this is with their bonuses. What they do with their welcome offers is simple: small buy ins (as low as £5) and high deposit matches and free bets (usually up to £200), making betting with them seem like a no-brainer.

  • Cash-Out & Betting Exchange

    One of the best aspects of online betting is being able to cash-out in play so you can keep your bet safe. In addition, another way to find some extra value with your bet is by being able to lay your odds against other people via a betting exchange. Our best advice is to look across all operators to find which ones offer these great opportunities.

Overview of the Features of the New Betting Sites in the UK

While the bigger table we introduced earlier focused on the main draws of the new betting sites UK, such as that all important welcome bonus, there are many, many other things that you should consider before signing up for a new site. Please take a look at them via the table we have created below.

Bookmaker & Rating Unique Features Customer Service In Play? Odds Levels Visit Bookmaker
Royal Panda . Live Multiview Customisable View Quick Bet
Live Chat, Phone, Call Back, FAQ
Up to 94.86%
Bet Now!
Grosvenor Sports . Grosvenor Specials Loyalty Promotions Novelty Bets
Live Chat, Phone, FAQ
Up to 95.45%
Bet Now!.
NetBet . Bitcoin Payments Obscure Sports Complex Bets
Live Chat, Phone, FAQ
Up to 95.10%
Bet Now!.
21Bet . VIP Service Free Bet Forever Unique Competitions
Live Chat
Up to 94.81%
Bet Now!.
LV Bet . LV Points Betting Competitions Mobile Payments
Notifications, Live Chat, Phone, FAQ
Up to 93.49%
Bet Now!.

Why Choose New Online Bookmakers Instead of Old Ones?

There are many different reasons why you should choose new bookies instead of old ones. While the old ones are at times set in their ways, new ones do a variety of cool and innovative things in order to make you sign up and have an account with them. Read the main reasons below:

New Bookies Often Have Better Offers

Recent bookmakers need to do something that make them seem much stronger than the old ones. The main way that they can do this is by creating huge new bonus offers. They can offer much bigger amounts – totalling up to close to £200 – and by introducing price boosts – giving ridiculously higher odds than normal. They are also more likely to create innovative and different types of bonuses, as well as new daily promotions.

They Are Social Media Friendly

With hundreds of millions of people making use of social media on a daily basis to keep up to date with the news and to talk with their friends, the opportunity of utilising this platform is huge. As a result, new betting sites love to make use of Twitter and Facebook to build a fan base. Now you can request bets via Twitter and place them directly via Facebook Messenger. There you can get the best betting tips and odds in real time. As new bookmakers are made by a younger generation, they are likely to be a little more social media savvy than old ones.

Innovative Functionality

While up-to-date bookmakers can be expected to stick to their guns in terms of how their website works, new ones can use their new design in order to make their website work faster and even better. As a result the little things they provide here can mean a lot. Whether it is making it quicker than ever to place a bet via social media – for example, placing a bet directly with Facebook Messenger – or putting your favourite markets closer together, these new bookmakers stand at the very forefront of innovation.

Royal Panda playing football
MultiView Platform

Quicker Bet Than Ever E-Sport Live Streams


Not Only Real Sports But Also E-Sports

The biggest emerging sport at the moment doesn’t have a track, field, court or a pitch. Instead it involves people playing computer games. As a result, e-sports is now one of the biggest sports around, with bookmakers scrambling to catch up. New bookies understand this rise and usually offer a huge selection of different e-sports from across the world available to bet on. Soon we will also expect to be able to live stream games such as League Of Legends and Counter Strike as they are being played.

What makes new betting sites the best

More Customer Focus/Care

New bookmakers are much smaller than big ones. They aren’t multi-billion dollar industries, but websites with a smaller amount of investment and a smaller level of staff. Nonetheless, their size also means that they have a more compact client base. This can work towards your advantage as it means that you will have a higher level of care. The responses for live chat, phone calls, emails and even letters will happen over a much quicker amount of time. In addition, you are more likely to find a community of tipsters and bloggers more akin to the local betting shop than at huge operators such as William Hill. We believe that it is these kind of small things that separate a great betting experience from merely a decent one.

Disadvantages of New Bookies

These operators, by definition, aren’t as established as their older counterparts, so there are naturally a few things that work to their disadvantage. They may not, simply because of their size, be able to offer the exhaustive amount of betting options you see at the big operators. They are also less likely to payout at huge amounts. Additionally, they may not have the wide plethora of bonuses available that we have come to expect from the big guns. Nonetheless, we still believe that the little things they do that the big operators simply can’t do, are what makes them still worth punting with.

Trust, License and Responsible Gambling

As per UK law, new online bookmakers must be registered with the relevant authorities in order to be a legally operating site. If you find a bookmaker online that does not hold a license with the UK Gambling Commission, this means that it is dodgy and you should exit immediately. They should also, for tax purposes, be registered in their place of residence to be able to offer gambling services. While some new betting sites in the UK are registered in the British Isles, the vast majority are in fact based overseas in places such as Gibraltar, Alderney and Malta. In order to help you understand the process that bookmakers must undertake in order to get a license, please will you take a look at the image that we have created below.

Steps to get license

In addition to practicing within the limits of the British Law, all bookmakers must work in accordance with responsible gambling agencies. This is to safeguard their customers against the very real threat of becoming addicted. Therefore, one of the first things you should do when looking for a new bookmaker is making sure that they are partnered with an organisation such as GamCare or Another important thing to know is that they are partnered with an auditing agency such as IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service).

The Significance of Trustworthy Industry Leaders

One thing that is really important when it comes to betting is knowing that all of the right people are associated with the practice. This is why seeing that trustworthy industry leaders are associated with the industry is of extreme importance. In this feature below, we have picked four people that you should know about when it comes to trusting the industry. Take a look below.

  • Bill Moyes
    Bill MoyesChairman of the Gambling Commission.

    Bill Moyes is the Chairman of the UK Gambling Commission, an organisation that deals with the granting of licenses to gambling businesses. This license is essential in order to make sure an operator is operating legally.

  • Shaun McCallaghan
    Shaun McCallaghanChief Operating Officer at eCOGRA

    Shaun McCallaghan is the Chief Operating Officer at eCOGRA who are the leading independent testing agency for online gaming software and products.

  • Richard Hayler
    Richard HaylerLeader of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service

    Richard Hayler is the leader of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, an auditing service that looks to make sure that betting sites are working within the full limits of the law.

  • John Brackenbury
    John BrackenburyVice-President of GamCare

    John Brackenburg CBE is the Vice-President of GamCare, an organisation dedicated to tackling addiction to gambling. Along with GambleAware, they are the leaders when it comes to gambling awareness.

How to Pay on New Online Bookmakers

Where new betting sites really set themselves apart from the pack is with regards to the payment options available. While nearly all realise the premier importance of PayPal for quick and easy payments, it is by offering Bitcoin that bookmakers can really offer some great extra opportunities. Bitcoin is an exciting payment method because all of the payments are 100% encrypted, meaning that nobody can track your deposits or withdrawals – apart from the betting site, of course. If you are more privately minded, we would recommend you signing up with a bookmaker that allows for this alternative payment method.

Bookmaker Min/Max Deposit Deposit Time Fees Rating
NetBet £10 – £5,000 Instant None 9/10
Royal Panda £10 – £15,000 Instant None 8/10
Grosvenor £5 – £15,000 Instant None 8/10
Mr Win £5- £10,000 Instant None 8/10
LV BET £10 – £5,000 Instant None 7/10
21Bet £10 – £5,000 Instant None 7/10

In addition to this, you should look if they offer deposits via the paysafecard, allowing you to turn your cash into a payment method via purchasing it at a shop. It also goes without saying to look for bookmakers that still offer the old reliables of MasterCard, Visa card and Maestro which remain the most popular payment methods. We also predict that Apple Pay will be big in the future.

Why 888 Sport
  • PayPal Compatible
  • Costless Transaction
Bet £10, Get £30

Tips and Tricks for a Better Experience with New Betting Sites

There are always ways for you to improve the way you bet. By engaging in tasks such as reading betting tips available via blogs, and building up a reasonable betting method, you can start to really improve the way you bet. The real trick when betting with new online bookmakers is to never be complacent and always think of ways you can improve yourself.

Stay Updated

Leading on from what we believe about improving your betting experience, it is good to stay updated with all of the latest betting news. In order to help you with this process, we have created a separate news page so you never miss a beat. Take a close look below.


Have an Account at Several Different New Bookies

When it comes to online betting, the more you bet with the better. The smartest of bettors always have more than one account. By having multiple accounts you can always make sure that you are getting the best odds, the best promotions and can access in-play betting and live streaming. This is the best way to get ahead. Take a look below at three important bookmakers below.

The Best Places To Get A New Account With
Betway100% Free Bet Up to £30Enjoy this neat little offer from BetwaySign Up Now!
Royal Panda100% Deposit Bonus Up to £20Win big money with Royal Panda’s huge welcome bonus.Sign Up Now!
888 SportBet £10 Get £30Double your bet courtesy of 888 Sport.Sign Up Now!.

Be A Bonus Hunter

Bonuses are what bookmakers do. It is their way of easily telegraphing to you why you should bet with them. There is no reason why you should take a bad offer when there is a better one just around the corner. Always look around for the best bonuses available across all new betting sites.

History of New Bookmakers

While some bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes (started in 1902), have been around forever, some of the ones we cover on this page are only three, two or even one years old. There is a reason for their current rise: they offer things that the traditional ones sometimes don’t, such as bigger bonuses, better odds, and alternative payment methods. For the expert bettor, new bookmakers offer the opportunity to get away from the rigid rules that can be burdensome. Some even encourage arbitrage, something that is still a taboo in the mainstream betting world. Additionally, with the way that the internet is moving today, with people’s first mode of course being via social media, new bookmakers were made to appeal to both younger first-time bettors and more experienced bettors looked for something new. Betting is on the rise, and as a result, more and more new betting sites are appearing in the UK. Nevertheless, at the same time many are also closing. Take a look via the infographic below.

New betting sites hystory

While the old and established operators are still worth considering, we believe that these new bookmakers could really be the future of the online betting industry. That is why we have created this page in order to help you find exactly the best of the new bunch for you to open a new account with. Despite all this, the old bookmakers are still remarkably solid in this ever-changing industry.

The Best Established Operators

Despite our enthusiasm for these new bookmakers because of the things that they do differently, we still think that there are a few of the old ones that manage to do many of the same things rather successfully. By adapting with the times they have avoided becoming dinosaurs. Take a look at three of the best ones via the infographic below.

  • 888sport homepage Double Your £100 Bet 888 Sports offer a wide variety of sports to bet on, with new promotions available each and every week. Bet Now!.
  • NetBet homepage Golden Goal NetBet can hardly be beaten for innovation, offering new and exciting promotions all of the time. Bet Now!.

The Oldest Established Bookmakers

The biggest and best bookmakers didn’t start out online: they started out in the high street. These ones all have bricks and mortar shops in addition to their online sites. The oldest of all the bookmakers is Ladbrokes, which was founded in 1902 at Ladbroke Hall. What is interesting of course, is that the first online sports bets ever made weren’t by these companies such as William Hill and Coral, but the exclusively online company The first exchange, of course, was started by Betfair in 2000.

Operator Welcome Offer Betting Options Number Of Sports Odds Levels Established Rating
Betway £30 30,000 30+ Up to 98.14% 2006 4.5/5
888sport £100 28,000 31+ Up to 94.87% 2008 4.5/5
Ladbrokes £20 20,000 26+ Up to 97.63% 1902 4.5/5
BetVictor £30 22,000 30+ Up to 98.00% 1946 4.5/5
William Hill £30 26,000 30+ Up to 97.00% 1934 4/5
Coral £20 30,000 29+ Up to 96.54% 1926 4/5
Betfair £30 24,000 30+ Up to 95.20% 1999 4/5
Paddy Power £20 26,000 35+ Up to 96.00% 1988 3.5/5
Betfred £30 22,000 23+ Up to 90.88% 1967 3.5/5

The Final Words on New Bookmakers

We hope that you have enjoyed our thorough guide to the world of new bookmakers almost as much as we enjoyed researching it. We wholeheartedly believe that due to the intense flexibility they offer that you can really find a whole host of new and exciting betting opportunities. We have picked our two favourite new bookies below. We hope that this guide has given you some idea of what to expect when it comes to these new upstarts in the betting world. Now that you have read everything you need to know, why don’t you give it a go and sign up today?


We fully understand here that, due to the wealth of information on offer, the world of new betting sites UK can be something of a brave new world. Therefore, if there is anything on this page that you fail to understand, then you can consult the FAQ that we have written below.

When to Stay at a Bookie and When To Go?

This can be a tricky one, and is as much up to you as it is up to us. If you believe these new online bookmakers to be giving you the best possible odds for your dollar, and a wealth of decent promotions, then stay with that bookie. If you feel that they are coming up short, then it is time for you to leave. Check out the categories we have listed above for more detail.

Can I set a limit as to how much I can gamble?

As to be compliant with British law, all bookmakers are required to have adjustable limits for how much you can bet. Therefore, if you believe that you are depositing too much per day, then you are able to limit yourself to as little as £5 or £10. We fully recommend staying in control, and checking out who you can trust.

What are the best offers for this month?

When we have built and designed this site, we have endeavoured to make sure absolutely everything here is kept completely up-to-date. Therefore, the best offers available for this month are the ones listed in this site. To take a look at the best bonuses, look at our bonus overview above.

What will new betting sites look like in the future?

Although it is hard to predict the future (as any seasoned gambler will know!) we can see many changes to the world of betting in the future. The biggest rise is now between betting and social media, with the ability to bet directly through Twitter and Facebook – or using your social media credentials to log into your account – already happening and likely to be developed. We also expect the amount of markets to rise, with the ability to bet on probably almost anything. What we expect also is the immense rise of e-sports, with the ability to bet on the result of different online games, and the ability to watch it live as it plays out. Virtual Reality has shown immense growth year upon year, as well as the ability to bet via AI. These new bookmakers will most probably be on the vanguard on this revolution, with the old ones playing catch-up.