BGO formally commits to CMA rules on bonus terms and conditions

The online casino operating giant, BGO Entertainment, has formally stated its commitment to the Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) new rules regarding the terms and conditions of bonus offers.

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The time has arrived for bookmakers to scale back aggressive welcome bonus tactics. © Pexels.

BGO has joined other operators and formally committed to the new requirements regarding clear and fair bonus terms, after a joint investigation by the CMA and the UK Gambling Commission.

It is the fourth of the five firms the CMA originally pressed to update their terms and approach to do so.

BGO has announced that it will no longer feature terms which require consumers to rollover bonus amounts before being eligible to withdraw cash, prevent consumers withdrawing the full amount of their balance by imposing minimum withdrawal amounts, and that it will ensure no terms would oblige consumers to take part in publicity.

Alongside these changes, the operator has also agreed that it will not change the terms of bonuses or promotions after they’ve been agreed with customers.

It’s believed that in practice, this announcement will have a minor effect on the BGO operation, as the firm overhauled much of its bonus terms last year.

Project director of the CMA, George Lusty, recently stated:

Gambling always carries a risk, but players should never face unfair restrictions that prevent them from getting at their money, firms mustn’t stack the odds against players, by putting unfair obstacles in their way, or making it difficult for them to stop gambling when they want to.George Lusty, Project director at the CMA

Transparency and Fairness

Alongside the original five operators the CMA wrote to, the industry as a whole is being warned to be clearer and fairer with bonus offers, as the CEO of the Remote Gambling Association, Clive Hawkswood warned:

We won’t tolerate gambling ads that exploit peoples’ vulnerabilities or play fast and loose with eye-catching free bet and bonus offers.Clive Hawkswood, Remote Gambling Association CEO

Those operators that do not heed the warnings could become victims of enforcement action taken by the Gambling Commission, while the CMA’s assault on operators still burning customers with unfair withdrawal terms and dormancy fees continues.

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