Our Complete Guide to a Heinz Bet

Maybe you’ve had a tin of baked beans before, even if you haven’t, we all know the American food company Heinz, also famous for its ketchup, which once over advertised the wonders of its “57 varieties of pickles”. You won’t be surprised to hear this is where the Heinz bet – consisting of 57 bets combined – got its name. Even with the funny name, it is still one of the most appreciated systems used by betting professionals. Its make-up can be intimidating and seem complex, but we will explain all this in detail thanks to a concrete example and a pinch of arithmetic. We will also detail how this system can be particularly profitable for sports bets and especially those on football and show how it can be used even if you are not a savvy bettor.

What is a Heinz Bet?

We have shown where it got its name, but in practice, what is a Heinz bet? Well, it is a system bet consisting of the combination of 57 bets related to 6 events. How are these combinations divided? As you can see in the table below, they are 10 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds, and one sixfold.

The Numbers of the Heinz System Bet
Number of Events Combinations Total Stakes Win
57 x per bet
Starting from two exact predictions

The total amount of our stake will be equal to 57 times that of a single selection: if we assume to invest £2 per bet, the total amount will be £114. When do we start to get a return? After only two correct predictions! This is a pretty big bet, so we’d say check out the Super Yankee, or Trixie for some practice first.

How does a Heinz Bet Work?

Now that we know what it is, we turn to the question, how does a Heinz bet work? We will try to explain it first with a theoretical example and then with a real one, with real events and odds, so that you can see how our explanations are relevant in real-life.

Example: As mentioned, the Heinz system “acts” on 6 events, for example football or basketball games. We’ll show them with A vs B, C vs D, E vs F, G vs H, I vs L and M vs N. We predict the victories of A, D, E, G, L and M. To start taking home some money all we need is for the A and D victories to occur. Of course, the more we guess correctly and the more money we will win.

When to Use: In a similar way and even more so than with other systems like the Yankee, the amount of liability to be invested for a system bet depends on the number of combinations. In this case, it is 57. Considering that the initial amount must be multiplied by this figure, we can reach figures not within everyone’s reach. As an example, a £10 stake would involve a total cost of £570. So, it is better to practice using the minimum limits per column, usually starting around £0.25.

Heinz Bet and Football

Of course, it is possible to play a system bet on any sport, or even combine different sporting events at most betting sites. However, the Heinz bet and football are a fantastic combination. This is because football results, being by their nature more uncertain, guarantee better average odds compared to sports such as rugby. Even if you only guess two forecasts correctly, then, you can at least win back your money (due to higher odds). In addition, betting on the draw can be useful in exploiting the odds to obtain substantial winnings.

A footballer heading the ball, and a group of fans celebrating a heinz bet win

A Heinz Bet Example

Perhaps seeing a Heinz bet example at work in real matches, with actual odds and real figures can help shed some more light on the operation and benefits of this system. We have chosen to hypothesise a bet from six matches of the Spanish La Liga. The basic sum that we decide to invest is £5, which means that our total stake will amount to (£5 × 57) £285. We should keep this figure in mind because it represents our ‘break-even’ total. This is the threshold beyond which everything we collect will be pure gain. In the table below you can find the games on which we have decided to bet, with the odds and our selections.

Our Test of the Heinz Bet
Selected Matches Our Prediction Quote “1” Quote “X” Quote “2”
Rayo Vallecano – Eibar
Celta Vigo – Huesca
Valladolid – Leganes
Getafe – Espanyol
Real Madrid – Valencia
Real Betis – Real Sociedad

If Eibar and Celta Vigo win, but all the others don’t go the way we hoped, we will have only guessed two results correct. This is the minimum we need, to start recouping some cash. This corresponds to 5 × 2.45 × 1.62 = £19.84. Remember the £285? We are far from covering our initial investment, so perhaps it is better to hope for some more results to come your way! There is the best-case scenario, the one in which our skill and fortune mean we guessed all the results correctly. As not to bore you with sums and subtractions, we will just divulge to potential overall returns. From the initial £285, we’d get a mammoth £4,370.18. This is a pretty nice nest egg and equivalent to almost fifteen times the initial investment. Something tells us that in the next twenty minutes or so some of our readers will play a Heinz system!


By offering you an overview of the Heinz bet we wanted to help you understand the mechanisms of one of the most interesting and popular betting modes of the best online betting sites. The practical example showed you how, even with the opportunity to win big, you need to go slow with the initial expenses. Although the singular sum of £5 isn’t that much, multiplying it by 57 changes the total considerably.

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In case you want to have a broader knowledge of the topic, you can read our dedicated system bet page, in order to get a complete understanding of the subject at large. This will undoubtedly benefit you when you choose to have a punt.


Hopefully, we can say the Heinz Bet explained in the paragraphs above was enough to satisfy your concerns. If not, drop us a mail at info@bestbettingsites.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Is there a difference between the Heinz system and the Lucky 63?

Yes, although both are based on a combination of bets from 6 sporting events, the Heinz has 57 combinations, whilst the Lucky has 6 more, all singles, to make a total of 63.