Our Complete Guide to a Patent Bet

This page will deal with the Patent bet, one of the simplest and most effective systems that is very popular and appreciated by every seasoned punter. Based on a few combinations of 3 events, the Patent is a very useful tool for those who want to test this type of play and allows you to win up to seven times the initial investment. Applying the system to football matches we will also discover its affinity to this game, and we will do this by showing you an example bet.

What is a Patent Bet?

So, what is a Patent bet? This is a system consisting of 7 combined bets from 3 events. Some of our readers may be familiar with the Trixie system and will note some similarities. The key difference between the two ‘cousins’ is that the patent also combines 3 singles within its play. This means that the stake on the slip will be multiplied by 7. We decided then to bet £3 on each column, the total cost would be £21. This an affordable sum and explains why this type of system is so popular.

The Numbers of the Patent System Bet
Number of Events Combinations Total Stakes Win
7 x per bet
Starting with one exact prediction

The composition of the system is very simple: there are 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble. It is interesting to note that you start to see a return from one correct result, so it is fairly easy to get your initial investment covered. It must be said, however, that in order to make a net profit, usually, all three results have to come in.

How does a Patent Bet Work?

Answering the question ‘how does a patent bet work?’ is certainly not complicated. Well, at least in terms of its composition and its characteristics. However, we want to give you a couple of examples, one theoretical and one practical, to allow you to get a better grasp of the subject. It could be that, once you understand this type, you may want to move onto a different system such as the Goliath. So, give our theory below a read!

Example: The three games that make up the Patent system can be of any sport: here we have assigned them the first three letters of the alphabet. So, the system will consist of A, B, C, or the three single matches, then the three 3 doubles of AB, AC, BC and the treble of ABC, for a total of seven bets. For those who are scared of calculations, don’t worry, you will not have to do it yourself, because it is a job done automatically when you create the betslip at the online bookmakers.

When to Use: A system of this type, as we have already highlighted, is really simple. This is why it can be used as a testing ground by those approaching system bets for the first time. Moreover, the multiplier guarantees non-minimum gains, even if only partially successful, and as a result, it is relatively easy to break-even.

Patent Bet and Football

Most sports betting enthusiasts are also passionate about football. So, the question arises: does the Patent bet and a football bettingget along? The answer is affirmative, as is the case for all system bets.

The reason is simple; football matches generally have better odds on offer due to their unpredictability and the fact that the draw is a viable result also adds to this. Of course, you can still use the patent on things like horse racing, or tennis. It’s just your returns will likely be lower.

A footballer kicking the ball opposite a man celebrating a Patent bet win

A Patent Bet Example

At this point how this system works is clear to us. We have now decided to provide a Patent bet example, in order for you to see how it functions in real life. We chose 3 matches from the Champions League, and our budget is £5 per stake. This means that the total cost of our bet will be £35, a figure within reach of most peoples’ budgets. Below are our selections and our forecasts.

Our Test of the Patent Bet
Selected Matches Our Prediction Quote “1” Quote “X” Quote “2”
Juventus – Tottenham
Manchester Utd – Ajax
PSG – Liverpool

Starting from one correct prediction we will begin to collect a return. Say this was the Manchester Utd game, we’d collect £16, still not even half of our initial investment.

If we add the Juventus win, to the United draw, we will then start to see a healthy profit. The two results combined would get us £60.10, or a net profit of £25.10. Not bad!

What happens if we get them all right? Well, let’s see. We would get the winnings from the 3 singles (£10.50, £15 and £16), that of the three doubles (£33.60, £31.50 and £48) and that of the treble (£100.80), which would combine to the total of £255.40, corresponding to a net profit of £220.40.

That is a really nice return on our initial investment and shows even smaller systems can yield big results.


After demonstrating this Patent bet with a real-life example, we think you’d agree with us in saying that this system is easy to play and win on. A payout of around seven times the amount invested is very attractive and given its adaptability especially to football markets means it can be a bet you fall back on going forward. Why not check out the online bookie below?

The Patent bet logo
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On the other hand, there are more complex systems such as the Super Heinz that give even bigger returns. Our general page on system bets also provides good background information on the subject, and if you are still unsure which bookie to use, go to our review of all the best betting sites to get a better overview.


After reading the Patent bet explained in the review above, we hope we left no stone unturned. If you do have anything that needs answering, get in touch with us at info@bestbettingsites.uk.

What’s the difference between a Patent and a Trixie?

The two systems are very similar, so much so that you could even call them “cousins”. In fact, both use 3 events, but while the Trixie is limited to 4 combinations, corresponding to three doubles and a treble, the Patent also adds four singles, making a total of 7 combinations.