Our Complete Guide to a Super Heinz Bet

On this page we will talk about the Super Heinz bet, which is one of the most complex and elaborate systems, owing to the number of events and combinations that comprise it. There are more than double than that of its smaller namesake, the Heinz. The “size” of this system can intimidate the less experienced punter, but by continuing to read, you will discover how to play it. This is thanks to a practical example, where we show that just a little arithmetic is needed to understand its enormous potential, especially for betting on football, and you don’t even need to be a mathematician to figure it out! After you finish reading you can start using it yourself and, hopefully, start winning with this betting method!

What is a Super Heinz Bet?

Now we come to the question, what is a Super Heinz bet? Well to put it simply, it is a system bet consisting of 120 combinations, from a selection of 7 sporting events. The subdivision of these combinations is as follows: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds and a sevenfold. If your head is already spinning, you can find a summary below.

The Numbers of the Super Heinz System Bet
Number of Events Combinations Total Stakes Win
120 x per bet
Starting from two exact predictions

How much would it cost to play such a system? It is not so easy to say. You must take into account that the total stake will be equal to 120 times the sum per bet. It is astute, therefore, not to bet too wildly. For example, if you stake £3 per bet, this would cost you a whopping initial £360 investment. Nevertheless, just like many other systems, you start winning from two exact predictions. So, you can see a return easily. You can compare this table with that of other system bets and decide which one you prefer.

How does a Super Heinz Bet Work?

Understanding the question ‘how does a Super Heinz bet work’? is essential to being able to utilise this system to its full potential. It is precisely this topic we will now broach. Now that we have seen what the bet is and how it is composed – you can also refer to our general page on systems for more depth on the subject – we can dive straight into the theory.

Example: We will identify the events we are betting on with letters, a Super Heinz system will be configured as a schedule with 7 meetings, (from A to G). As a result, we will play 21 doubles (such as AB, AC, AD, AE and so on), 35 triples (ABC, ABD, ABE, ABF, ABG …), 35 quadruples (ABCD, ABCE …), 21 quintuples (ABCDE, ABCDF …), 7 sextuple (ABCDEF, ABCDEG…) and finally 1 septuple (ABCDEFG), for a total of 120 combinations/bets.

When to Use: It is easy to understand that a Super Heinz system finds its best use with the most experienced and regular bettors, the so-called high rollers who can afford to invest significant amounts on their bets, and therefore want to make very high-profit margins. It is still a fun system, we’d just advise noy to get carried away, if you consider for example a bet of £0.25 per column, which is the minimum bet for many betting sites like bet365, the total stake will be £30, a cost certainly affordable, and if successful, you would win a three-digit amount!

Super Heinz Bet and Football

If you have read our Super Yankee page, then what we say here will sound familiar. As football generally has higher average odds, especially for a draw, it is undoubtedly suited for the system play, and specifically for the more complex ones like the Super Heinz bet. Of course, this does not mean that it isn’t suitable for other sports, but there is no denying that football can allow us, even with two or three incorrect forecasts, to make money.

Players celebrating a goal opposite someone who just won a Super-Heinz bet

A Super Heinz Bet Example

There is nothing better than seeing a system bet in practice, in order to understand how it works. So, in this paragraph, we will directly give you a real-life Super Heinz Bet example taken from the German Bundesliga.

Our basic bet will be £5. This means that we are about to invest a huge total of £600, or 120 × 5. Definitely a big sum for a lot of us, and not all of us could afford it. If it is too big a hit, maybe you could create a syndicate with your friends? In the table below you can find the seven games on which we decided to bet.

Our Test of the Super Heinz Bet
Selected Matches Our Prediction Quote “1” Quote “X” Quote “2”
Werder Breman – Bayern
Borussia Dortmund – Freiburg
Hannover – Hertha Berlin
Stuttgart – Augsburg
Hoffenheim – Schalke 04
RB Leipzig – B. Mönchengladbach
Frankfurt – Wolfsburg

We found that to start receiving a return you’d only need two correct results, that of Bayern and Freiburg. Even so this would only give us £24 back, something that barely makes a dent into our initial stake. To start making a tidy sum you’d need at least four correct results.

If, for example, we hypothesise that we were lucky and that we, therefore, predicted all the results of the matches correctly, then the calculation of our winnings becomes really tasty. In order not to bore you with all the finer details, and to make sure this page is readable, we did the maths for you. It must be noted that you can check them by consulting any odds calculator you can find on the web. We have limited ourselves here to get to the point: what matters most is to understand how much you would win. Well, with £120 total bet on your system, all right results would give you the stupendous amount of £19,496. There’s something to celebrate with friends, don’t you think?


On this page we have shown you the characteristics of the Super Heinz bet. It is one of the most complex system bets, in terms of the number of stakes needed. If you want to try and play one, why not try the odds proposed by the bookie in the box below?

The Super Heinz logo
  • Great schedule on offer
  • Top football offers
  • Very nice interface

If, on the other hand, the volume of this system fills you with too much fear, try a smaller one like the Trixie, which is a good one to start practising with. If you want to play with a different operator check our review of the best betting sites and start playing now.


Hopefully the we can say that the Super Heinz bet explained above was enough to satisfy your needs. If not pop us a mail at info@bestbettingsites.uk and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Which system is better the Heinz or Super Heinz?

It depends on what you really want from the bet. In purely theoretical terms, the Super Heinz bet, guarantees greater possibilities of profit in case of all your selections coming true. However, everything depends on the odds set for the events on which you bet, as well as their actual results. Let’s say, if you chose the same events and compared the two systems, the Super Heinz, which has one more event, could allow us to win more, but you also have to invest more to play it.