Our Complete Guide to a Trixie Bet

On this page we will discuss the Trixie bet in detail. We will explain what it is and how it works. To do this we will use concrete examples, in order to translate writing into practice. It may seem complicated, especially for less experienced users, but we hope we can provide clarity. This will also help us to explain why the Trixie is particularly suitable for betting on football. We won’t waste any more time, carry on reading to find out more!

What is a Trixie Bet?

The question on everyone’s lips is, what is a Trixie bet? Well, that is quite easy to explain. A Trixie is a system game consisting of four bets combined with each other (to be precise 3 double and a treble) of 3 separate sporting events.

Legend has it that this bet was invented as a result of an English noblewoman named Beatrice (whose nickname was Trixie), tired of losing her bets to greyhound racing, she asked the King of England to invent a new system for her play and to name it in her honour. This is one of the simplest system modes, both for the number of events and for the number of combinations, together with the Patent system, and for this reason it is one of the most popular ones. This is in stark contrast to the mathematical competence that more complex systems such as Goliath require.

The Numbers of the Trixie System Bet
Number of Events Combinations Total Stakes Win
4 x per bet
Starting from 2 exact predictions

In the table above we summarize the main features. The Trixie bet explained in simple terms is, 3 selections (events), combined four times, meaning there are 4 stakes per bet. If we place £2 on a selection, for example, the total bet will be £8. All you need to start winning is 2 predictions, obviously the more correct, the more you win.

How does a Trixie Bet Work?

So, is it clear so far? Or are you still asking, how does a Trixie bet work? It is perhaps easier to understand if you see the it in clear steps and stages. We will do this by first using a theoretical example and then, later in the page, we will show you a concrete one that our experts actually placed themselves.

Example: We have selected three basketball matches, which we will call A vs B, C vs D, E vs F. We predict A, D and F to win. For our Trixie betting system to win we have to match at least two forecasts. Obviously, the win will be greater if we guess all three of them.

When to Use: Playing a Trixie system can be a good idea in order to spread the amount you invest and not play it all on a single prediction. Secondly, choosing this system will allow you to select two events on which you are particularly confident and one on which you are less so, and on which you therefore “risk” more. In this way the risk will be “covered” by the other two in case of failure, and you will still win, even if one fails.

Trixie Bet and Football

In the previous example we chose to explain this bet in reference to three basketball matches. The best sport of choice, however, is that which sees the Trixie and football forge an alliance, to the delight of the all punters.

This system allows you to include several games on the betslip without risking sending everything down the drain due to a single wrong prediction (as happens with multiple bets). This gives you more comfort, as you know you can indulge in picking a few games, even some riskier ones, without having to blow everything. Moreover, football rarely has fully “safe” results, the odds at many betting sites are, therefore, on average higher than those of other sports, which makes it perfect for a system like the Trixie.

A footballer celebrating with his shirt over his head opposite a man winning a Trixie bet

A Trixie Bet Example

After looking at the theory, now it is time to give a real-life Trixie bet example. To do that there is nothing better than taking three games from the Premier League and testing our fortunes.

Remembering that a Trixie consists of 4 bets on 3 games (3 doubles and a treble) we will play £5 per bet, for a total of £20. The games selected are those you see in the table below and our prediction is also there.

Our Test of the Trixie Bet
Selected Matches Our Prediction Quote “1” Quote “X” Quote “2”
Everton – Chelsea
Man Utd – Leicester
Cardiff – Brighton

If, for example, Chelsea won and Cardiff drew, but on the other hand Leicester won, we will have guessed a double bet (or two exact predictions). In this case, our winnings would be 5 × 1.83 × 3.20 = £29.28. Considering that we invested £20, our balance will be a positive of £9.28, thus guaranteeing us a profit. That is even with part of our bet losing! When the events all turn out the right way, the calculation of winnings is definitely more interesting. See below.

The net total means we would have quadrupled our initial investment. Not bad, right?

Conclusion: A Top Way to Win

After having explained and described the Trixie bet in detail, we have reached the end of our discussion, and we believe we have provided a solid enough basis to start using it. Why not give it a go with the online betting site shown in the box below?

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Naturally, the Trixie system is not the only one available to punters. If you want to try your hand at a greater number of events, you can have a go on the Alphabet or the Super Heinz, for example. If you want a general insight on these betting methods and the main strategies that can be adopted, then you can refer to our main page on system bets.


If you have any further questions about what is discussed on this page then write to us at our email address info@bestbettingsites.uk, we’ll be in touch!

Can you include a live bet in a Trixie?

The extreme variation of the odds that distinguishes a live bet to a normal one would make it very difficult to calculate the winnings and determine exactly which system should be played on. For this reason, even if at a theoretical level nothing prevents it from taking place, the fact of the matter is in practice it never occurs.