Our Complete Guide to a Yankee Bet

If you have always been intrigued by the prospect of placing a system wager but have been put off by your lack of knowledge, then read our complete guide to the Yankee bet and disparage your fears once and for all. You will discover the characteristics of the Yankee, how it works and its particular affinity with betting on football, through concrete step-by-step examples. Let’s start, then.

What is a Yankee Bet?

We will start with the answering the question, what is a Yankee bet? It is a betting mode whose name is derived from the United States, due to it being invented and perfected there. It is a bet consisting of 11combinations from 4 events. The combinations are 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator with four selections, or a fourfold. In the table below you can find the summary.

The Numbers of the Yankee System Bet
Number of Events Combinations Total Stakes Win
11x per bet
Starting from 2 exact predicitions

As shown in the table, there are 11 stakes that you will be liable for: if you bet £5, the total investment will be £55. You will win from two exact forecasts, just like the Trixie system. Of course, the winnings will be greater by getting more predictions correct!

How does a Yankee Bet Work?

Now that you have an idea of what it is made of, let’s take a closer look at the question ‘how does a Yankee bet work’? To make it simpler for you to understand, we have first created a theoretical example, which we will then later turn into a real-life one. Check out the boxes below.

Example: We decide to bet on four tennis matches, which we name A vs B, C vs D, E vs F, G vs H. Our predictions are for A, C, F and H. All we need is A and C to win to begin to pocket something.

When to Use: As with all systems, the basic concept is to spread the amount you want to invest in more events, so you can still collect something even in the case of a wrong prediction and, at worst, reduce losses (when you win, however, you win big!). The Yankee bet is slightly more elaborate than the Trixie, but still rather simple even for non-expert punters. This is why it is one of the most widespread in use and is a good starting point.

Yankee Bet and Football

It is more than likely that those who are reading this page on the Yankee bet are mainly football fans, and it is usually the first sport that you think of when you want to have a punt. So, you’ll want to know if this type of system and football betting get along well? The answer is definitely positive.

In fact, football lends itself very well to this type of play, thanks to higher odds offered on average in comparison to those of other sports, which means we can get good value for our bet. In practice, this means we can choose two games on which we are sure will come through (as an insurance), and then play on two more uncertain games, in order to boost our potential winnings.

A footballer celebration opposite a woman celebrating with money

A Yankee Bet Example

Let’s move on to the real practice and see the Yankee bet explained, in action, specifically through four European games. We have decided to keep the stake of our bet at £5. We will therefore have to invest £55, spread over 11 bets related to the four chosen matches. Check them out in the table below.

Our Test of the Yankee Bet
Selected Matches Our Prediction Quote “1” Quote “X” Quote “2”
Real Madrid – Leganes
Hertha Berlin – FC Bayern
Monaco – PSG
Tottenham – Chelsea

If both Real Madrid and FC Bayern win, but Monaco hold PSG to a draw and Chelsea get one over Spurs, this will mean we have two correct predictions, which would only be enough to mean that we have guessed only one double. In this case, therefore, our winnings would be 5 × 1.40 × 1.55 = £10.85. It’s better than nothing, of course, but considering that we spent £55, the balance is significantly negative.

If, however, Chelsea drew, we would have 3 doubles and a treble (we would have hit a Trixie): in this case the amount goes up: 10.85 + 5 × 1.40 × 3.50 + 5 × 1.55 × 3.50 = 10.85 + 24.50 + 27.12 = £62.45, to which will be added the 5 × 1.40 × 1.55 × 3.50 (£37.95), for a total of £100.42. Already, you see how big the difference one result can make.

Of course, if we are lucky enough to match all the results, the results become even more interesting. Check out what we will win:

The net is more than four times the initial play. It’s something really worth thinking about for your next punt.


If you had any fear or concerns about using this system, hopefully, the Yankee bet example for football betting cleared any doubts you had. We would ultimately say that practice makes perfect. If you want to try your hand in using this system, you can experiment with the bookie found in the box below.

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As already mentioned in our guide, the Yankee bet system is one of many available to the punter. If you want to try even more combinations, Goliath is the one for you. On our general page on system betting, you will find all the useful information this betting mode offers, and our review of the best betting sites gives you the top operators in the UK.


Hopefully, we answered all of your questions, but if you still have something you want to ask, just write to us at info@bestbettingsites.uk and we’ll get back to you.

Is it possible to play a Yankee bet on different sporting events?

Certainly. Bets on different sports, with lower odds and perhaps more security regarding the final result, can also be included. Just make sure you do your research first!